ATGenius Academy

Resources to help you purchase ATGenius, get started, make the most of our system, and bring out your inner genius.

 Getting Started

Free Trial Setup Instructions

Please read this first before you create a free trial account.

Free 60-Day Trial Account Setup

Get Up and Running Right Away and Create an Account Today.

Getting Started Guide

Spend 10 minutes with us to get a system overview.

Setting Up Your Account

After signing up with ATGenius, watch this video learn how to set up your account.

Regional Managers Setup

Use This Feature if You Have a Group of Schools to Manage. Please contact us before creating an individual free trial account so we can set up your group account.

Treatment Sign-In QR Code

Add your school code, then hang these in your facility for easy treatment sign-in.

New Patient Sign-Up QR Code

Use this code for athletes to create an account.

Guided SOAP

Enter a new injury using our step-by-step process.


Enter a new injury using a narrative approach.

Progress & Discharge Notes

Quickly add to any SOAP note to document patient progress.

Import Field List

These are the demographics fields we can import from a CSV excel file. You can import this information yourself or have us do it for you. Go to Account, Options, Athlete/Student Import. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want athletes to setup an email and password to update their own account, do not use this feature. See Athlete sign-up instructions.

About Importing Data

Learn how to import athlete demographics into the system prior to the season.

How imported athletes can create a login

Instructions for previously imported athletes to create a login account to use advanced features.

Treatment Sign-in

Learn how to set up easy sign-in procedures and customize treatment choices.